Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Florida Adventure!

Let me just preface this post by saying that I hesitated going to Orlando in late June/early July.  I am not a Disney person and I hate crowds.  Vacations for me are all about trying and seeing something new...preferably without a lot of other people around!  Lauren has been asking to go to Sea World for a few years now.  I bit the bullet and got on the internet to see what I could find out.
We always stay at a Marriott because we are point people.  Their point system is great!  We use it for free rooms quite often and always get a high quality place to stay.  I found the Sea World Marriott and it was adorable, offered free breakfast, and had a really nice pool.  The bonus was free Quick Ques and transportation to all of the Sea World parks.  Boom!

Discovery Cove looked very promising to me.  First of all, they one sell a limited number of passes each day so it is never crowded.  It's also all inclusive so I didn't have to worry about towels, meals, snacks, or anything really!  If you bought a one day pass to Discovery Cove, you got an unlimited pass to Sea World and Aquatica.  Aquatica is a water slide park.  I don't know about you, but I thought that was a great deal!

We did Discovery Cove the morning after we drove to Orlando.  It was a great way to kick off the vacation!  This park was the whole family's favorite part of the trip.  There were all of the exotic birds that we got to feed.  They were flying around and landing on us.  This huge lazy river goes through the aviary.  There were otters and marmosets.  They even met us at check in with a sloth!

We paid a little extra to do the dolphin swim.  It was totally worth it!  Still, we loved the snorkeling.  There's this huge pool full of reefs that has rays and fish all over the place.  You get in there and snorkel with them!  It was the best experience.  They practically had to kick us out at park closing - haha!

The unlimited pass to the other two parks was so nice.  We could come and go as we wanted.  A bus ran from the hotels to the parks and back on a regular schedule.  Sea World had great animals, shows, and more rides than I expected.  The Quick Ques sent us right to the front of the line.  My favorite waiting!  We did some crazy roller coasters!  Mike and Carter went to Tampa one night for a baseball game so Lauren and I went over to see the light show and eat dinner.  

We only spent one day at Aquatica.  Water parks just aren't really our thing.  We did enjoy the rapids, the wave pool, and several water slides.  The rest of the time, Mike and I laid in lawn chairs and let the kids run around!  Ah, vacation!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Weddings

It's that time of the year...everyone's getting married!  I've painted several wedding and wedding shower gifts this summer.  I love this 8x24 with a big daisy!  It was requested to match the invitation which was blue with daisies on it.  This one turned out so cute and what a great idea!

This design is always a classic.  A cream background with a khaki monogram and black will lettering will never go out of style.  Beautiful!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Do Teachers Do In The Summer?

Order canvases, of course!  I do get lots of summer teacher orders.  Not all schools are on the same schedule so end of the year gifts and start of the year orders come all summer long!  Also, teachers like me are already planning next year's room.  There's also a lot of new teachers hired in the summer.  It all adds up to me painting teacher canvases all summer long!  Yay!!!
Canvases are great for all school jobs...not just teachers.  Principals, secretaries, counselors, the list goes on and on!  I love all of these bright and beautiful colors on the black background.  The whole thing just pops!

Don't you just love these two classics with primary dots and ribbon and a fun font?

Very specific colors were requested for this chevron design.

This 10x10 features a border of leaves and natural designs in shades of purple.  Love it!

This is my Dr. Seuss design.  I can't use Dr. Seuss images due to copyright, of course, but I can capture the feel.  The red stripes are from the Cat in the Hat and I came up with this funky font that has the fun feel of his books.

All right, teachers!  I'm back to work in August.  Get those teacher canvas orders in now...but keep enjoying your summer!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little Girls

I bet I've painted this princess canvas design 100 times!

I've done it in all kinds of color combinations and sizes.  Everyone loves it for their little girls!

These two are my most recent.  I can see why it's so popular.  Everyone's little girl is a princess!

My princess recently made her acting debut.  She's been a dancer for a while. but went out of her comfort zone a bit and auditioned for a play.  She got a part and did a great job!  Now she can't wait to do another!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Just a Few Things...

I've had a little extra time for painting this summer!  I've gotten some new things done and they are all ready for immediate personalization and delivery.  I love getting to paint some things that I've had on my mind for a while.

I've always liked this Mother Teresa quote and think it would be great for the desk top.  It's a 4x4 block canvas and had been slightly distressed.  It looks like a chalkboard!

The blue mason jars are everywhere!  I decided to do a couple in more neutral tones with white, cream, khaki, and three shades of brown.  They also have a burlap hanger.

There's plenty of space on both the 11x14 and 8x10 for personalization!

I've got two stars and stripes burlap banners available.  They are so cute on the front porch and would be great for a photo opportunity!

Finally, I've got this adorable 16x20 owl painting.  Since the picture was taken, I've added more outlining and sealed it with glitter!  It's sooo cute!  It would be ideal for a girl's room, playroom, or even a classroom!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Little Boy Blue

As the birth of my new nephew approaches, I am getting more and more excited about little boys!  I can't wait to meet this new baby boy!  
I painted this beautiful 11x14 navy and gray polka dot design for a returning customer.  I had painted one for the big sister not too long ago and was so happy to get to paint one for little brother, too!  Congratulations to the Watts family!

This 16x20 design features a more royal shade of blue with kelly green accents.  Mom wanted to make sure that it didn't look too babyish because she wanted to use is for a long time.  Great idea!  Lots of my canvases are designed to be used with lots of different bedding and room decor as your child grows.

I love the Bible quote they chose.  They also asked for the little boat accent in the corner.  This one is sweet and simple - I love it!  Congratulations to the Dyer family!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So Many Things to Celebrate!

A canvas is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion!  I am always so happy to play a small part.  This John Deere colored 4x12 canvas is for a set of twin boys - how sweet!

Done is the school colors of gold and blue, this 4x12 is for a high school graduate.  Canvases are great for the dorm room and I can paint sorority and fraternity symbols as well!

This design is one of my long standing most popular.  The family name in the background with the established date over the top will never go out of style!  It's perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and new homes.

I added this one to this list because it is for a pet.  The name of the farm is in the background and the name of the horse is over the top.  This one is for the stable!  I love it!  We all love our pets and need to celebrate them, too!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Start of Summer

Summer's off to an exciting start for us!  We left for Louisville as soon as the reports cards were handed out.  My son, Carter, was in the National History Bee!  He didn't make it to the finals, but we were really proud of him for making it that far...and we had a great weekend.  
My daughter, Lauren, is in final rehearsals for her first stage production, The Little Mermaid.   We're all excited to see the show on opening night!
Oh, and I've also been painting!

Here's two cute orders that have already shipped out.  These cute "No smoking" signs are perfect for those areas where that needs to be designated.  I've actually done several of the pineapple canvases this summer.  That's one of my most popular summer designs!  You can purchase yours on my etsy site!

When I have been home for any stretch of time and not painting, I've been cleaning.  I've taken out three large bags of trash, two loads to Goodwill, and sold several items online.  It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate!  Here's the "after" picture of Lauren's play area.  I should have taken a "before" so you could see the difference!

She also has this little school area that had a major clean up.  School is her favorite thing to play!  Now, if I can get my husband in his office to clean, we'll be doing good!

Friday, May 22, 2015


Here's lots more from the 4x12 sale...and there's still more to come!  I told you it was a hit!   I really do have the best customers and am thankful for each one.

Red and black dots in two different styles.  the front one is a little more funky with some dashes and a fun font.  The back one is more classic with a cursive font and red rhinestones in the dots.

I love the rustic design with distressing along the edges and a burlap hanger.

Primary dots are the go to design for elementary teachers.  I love all of the bright colors!  I added a more modern looking font and lots of glitter!

Don't forget the school nurse!  The red, white, and blue dots look great with the coordinating ribbon.

I also love the tropical colored dots.  A lot of teachers use this combination in their rooms and it always looks so cheerful.  These three also have lots of matching ribbon and!!!

Well, it's officially my last day.  I'm handing out report cards until 9:45, and then  my family is off on a little adventure!  Enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


My 4x12 sale was a huge success!  Lots went to teachers, but there were orders for other things, too.  Here's four striped pieces that have already been delivered.  I'm a bit behind on my blogging!

I love how they're all just a little personalities!

Miss Orr shipped out in school colors of orange and light blue.

These two went to student teachers at MTSU.

A fancy Ms. Willis in school colors of gold and maroon.

Yay!  School is almost out for summer.  Hang in there!!!